Oil Eater Updates Washers for Fluids with Particulates

The Oil Eater brand of cleaners and equipment has introduced its improved line of Flex Line II Parts Washers with a new design with several upgrades. Kafko International produces Oil Eater products.

The first and most significant upgrade of the washers is the use of an immersible pump that is designed to move fluids filled with particulates, including metal shavings. These pumps, manufactured entirely from cast metals, are an improvement over submersible aquarium/fountain pumps, according to the company. This new pump is available on all models of the Oil Eater Flex Line II Parts Washers.

The new Oil Eater pumps are wired to the stringent international standard, IP-45, and are both water and dust proof. The pumps are ISO-9001, CSA and European CE certified.

A second product upgrade can be found in the control board used for the heated version of these machines. Kafko has added improved heat sync technologies to the board design to better dissipate heat, according to the company.

As in the prior versions, all models of these Flex Line II Parts Washers are water-based, are shipped ready-to-use, including 6 gallons of Oil Eater Cleaner & Degreaser.

All models are constructed of high-impact HDPE and feature a 440-pound capacity working tray, adjustable gooseneck spigot, flexible cleaning brush, and Oil Eater Skimmer Pads that soak oils but repel water. The premium and professional models are heated and are equipped with low fluid protection. Several options are available for all versions of these parts washing machines.

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