Oil Brand Develops Additive for Pickups

The Truck Series by LIQUI MOLY features five gasoline, diesel and oil additivesGerman motor oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has developed an additive line made for pickups.

“This means pick-up trucks can cope with even the toughest of challenges,” said Sebastian Zelger, Director LIQUI MOLY USA.

The Truck Series by LIQUI MOLY started with what the company labeled as a widespread problem: creeping loss of performance.

“Due to deposits on the inside of the motor, the combustion worsens because the fuel is no longer being so finely atomized. The result: less performance, higher fuel consumption and even more deposits-a vicious cycle,” LIQUI MOLY stated in a news release. “Because this is a creeping process, the driver often doesn’t even notice it.”

The Truck Series features five gasoline, diesel and oil additives.

One of the first people to be able to try out the new additives was Baja racing driver Armin Schwarz.

“I use all five additives in both my personal diesel truck and my gas race truck,” he said. “It just so happens that my work truck is a 960-horsepower off-road Ford Raptor racing trophy truck that is used to tame the toughest terrain in the world. Nothing beats these additives in keeping both my trucks running at their very best and protecting them from whatever the world throws at them.”

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