OEM Wheel Site Ready for Industry Pros

EveryRim1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels has unveiled as an original equipment wheel tool for industry professionals.

The site incorporates special notations aiding in the identification of easily confused wheels, according to a press release.

Additionally, features a 12-tiered approach to grading new and reconditioned wheels down the scale to used and core inventory. This practice was first implemented on the phone, later within the company’s RimText system, and is now utilized online, the release noted.

“First tested with a few California Tire Dealers Association corporate accounts, and later much more extensively, we’ve found that customers love our unique presentation,” said Billy Eordekian, company president.

Wheel grading was designed to be useful when customers do not necessarily need a new-looking wheel for an older vehicle, the company states. Customers may click to request a picture of the exact factory original steel or alloy wheel from the company’s live inventory.

In order to view the site’s wholesale pricing, shops will receive login credentials after registration.

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