Nominate a SEMA Hall of Fame Candidate

Nominations for the SEMA Hall of Fame are currently open. SEMA is asking the industry for help in nominating worthy individuals who have exhibited innovation, leadership and passion in their careers.

The deadline for nomination submissions is 9 p.m. EST on March 9. Click to view the SEMA Hall of Fame nomination form.

“A rule of thumb to qualify could be the following question: If this person had never existed, how would SEMA and the industry be different?” according to SEMA.

The Hall of Fame nominating committee uses the following criteria in review of candidates:

  • Nominee’s contributions must have extended beyond the local level and reach throughout the national or international level
  • Nominee is and/or has been involved in the specialty equipment automotive industry or SEMA for a minimum of 10 years
  • The nominee must have made outstanding contributions toward enhancing technology, professionalism, dignity, and/or general stature and growth of the specialty equipment automotive industry
  • The nominee must have conducted him/herself with a high degree of integrity both within and outside of the specialty equipment automotive industry
  • Nominee must be at least 50 years of age prior to the SEMA Show during the year of induction
  • A significant contribution to SEMA should be an important consideration for nomination. However, the committee may, at its discretion, nominate no more than one individual who has not had a close association with SEMA, but has had a significant influence in the advancement of the specialty equipment automotive industry
  • A nominee who has been an employee of SEMA or a vendor to SEMA must have had a very significant presence in and have made an outstanding contribution to the specialty equipment automotive industry either before or after their SEMA employment

Created in 1969, the SEMA Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award presented to an individual by the association.

Questions about the hall of fame nomination process have been directed to Lindsay Bianco at or 909-978-6692.

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