NHTSA Introduces 2029 Emergency Braking Rules

New vehicles from 2029 onward must be capable of completing an emergency stop from 62 mph...

Reuters reports that the NHTSA has introduced a new rule, by September 2029, requiring all new passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. to have emergency braking capabilities. The rule is expected to help prevent 24,000 injuries annually, according to safety officials.

NHTSA Introduces 2029 Emergency Braking Rules | THE SHOP

According to the NHTSA the new rule requires all cars and trucks to be able to emergency brake and avoid hitting another vehicle at up to 62 mph. The rule also requires vehicles to detect pedestrians in both daytime and nighttime running conditions.

While U.S. traffic deaths fell in 2023 for the second straight year, pedestrian incidents are at their highest rates since 1981. 

Small volume manufacturers will be required to have the same emergency brake capabilities in their vehicles by September 2030.

To read the full report from Reuters, click here.

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