Nominations Open for SEMA Board of Directors

SEMA is currently seeking nominations for an open seat on its Board of Directors.

SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting has appealed for nominations to fill the organization’s Board of Directors.

“A strong board means wise leadership and an association that serves its members well,” Kersting said.  “We urge you to take part in the nominations process—our industry has many individuals who would be an asset to the Board, but we need you to help bring them to the attention of the Nominating Committee.”

According to a message sent to SEMA members, there is currently one open seat for distributors or retailers.

An online nomination form can be found on the SEMA website. The form asks for brief information about the nominee’s qualifications, such as background, experience and achievements that would make that nominee an outstanding board candidate.

Nominations for the SEMA Board of Directors are due Friday, January 3, 2020.

Fill out a nomination here.

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