New Report Names Chevy Silverado as Most Common Vehicle in Fatal Accidents

Of 60,000 accidents analyzed from 2022, 3.5% of all fatal crashes involved a Silverado...

A new study from auto attorney Michael T. Gibson analyzed the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on fatal crashes in 2022 and revealed that the Chevrolet Silverado is involved in the most fatal crashes nationwide.

Overall, 3.5% of the 60,501 crashes in America were Silverados. North Dakota had the highest percentage of fatal crash involvements with Silverados, at 9.8%. South Dakota was second at 6.8%, and Oklahoma was third at 6.5%. Texas saw the most Silverado crashes of all, with its 318 crashes being more than the next two highest states combined (Florida and California).

New Report Names Chevy Silverado as Most Common Vehicle in Fatal Accidents | THE SHOP

The Ford F-150 pickup was involved in the second-most crashes with a fatality, at 1,656 crashes nationwide. 2.7% of vehicles involved in fatal crashes nationwide were F-150s, with North Dakota and Idaho sharing the highest proportion of crashes involving F-150s at 5.2%, while Nebraska was third, with 4.6%.

Toyota Camrys were the third most common vehicle to be involved in fatal accidents in America, with 1,201 incidents. Maine had the highest proportion of Camry crashes at 3.2%, followed closely by California (3.2%) and Alabama (3.1%).

“Driving is a core part of our daily lives, to the point that it might feel mundane for most drivers. However, what might start as a regular drive can easily become a serious incident, with death always being a possibility. A serious crash can significantly disrupt your life, and recovery might be only one of many concerns in the aftermath,” said Attorney Michael T. Gibson.

“Identifying the vehicle models involved in the most fatal crashes provides interesting insight into the makeup of vehicles on our roads, and should act as a reminder to drivers that no matter what type of car they drive, the most effective way to stay safe on the roads is to ensure they always take steps to minimize the risks of crashing. Adopting defensive driving habits, driving to the conditions of the road, and ensuring that you always remain alert and observant behind the wheel will all contribute to this,” Gibson continued.

Read the full report here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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