New Records Set for Fuel Economy & Horsepower

The average fuel economy of cars reached a record high of 24.7 mpg, up 0.1 mpg from a year earlier, while CO2 emissions fell by 2grams per mile, according to the latest Light-Duty Vehicle CO2 and Fuel Economy Trends Report, released by the the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Fuel economy standards are working and consumers are better off as a result. Vehicles continue to hit record highs in fuel efficiency, while the biggest improvements are from cross-overs, which continue to gain an increasing share of the market,” said David Friedman, Director of Cars and Product Policy and Analysis for Consumers Union, the policy and mobilization division of Consumer Reports. “Automaker innovations are saving consumers money at the pump in everything from compact cars to pickups and SUVs.”

The report shows an increasing number of high-efficiency vehicles on the market today, including twice as many SUV models in 2017 getting at least 25 mpg than there were in 2012. The report also shows how setting robust standards in the future is motivating automakers to produce more efficient vehicles today. In fact, 26% of projected Model Year 2017 vehicle production already meets or exceeds the Model Year 2020 CO2 emissions targets. At the same time fuel efficiency is growing, so is horsepower, which hit a new record high.

“This shows consumers can save money at the pump while getting the performance and utility they need,” Friedman continued, “The report is more evidence that the fuel economy standards should remain strong in the future.”

A full copy of the EPA report is available here.

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