New From PROFORM: Double-Ended AN Wrench Set

PROFORM has introduced a new set of AN wrenchesPROFORM has introduced a new set of AN wrenches. The wrenches are based on the finishing work PROFORM does in the licensed engine dress-up area, according to the company,

Each wrench has both a 30- and 60-degree head to grip hose ends from a wider array of positions and into some of the tightest of spaces. The streamlined edges of the handles fit comfortably in a user’s hand, allowing for a firm grip and less chance of slippage, according to the company.

Each wrench has PROFORM’s logo and fitting number micro-CNC’d into it, and a matte anodized finish.

Also included is a durable nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport. Color-coded size for easy organization: Blue: -6AN; Gold: -8AN; Red: -10AN; Black: -12AN.

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