New Guide Helps Shops Avoid Car Shipping Scams wants to see vehicles reach their destinations securely & stress-free…

Vehicle transport company has released a new guide to help shops and consumers steer clear of car transportation scams. logo

In an era where online tricks are common, the company’s How to Avoid Car Transport Scams in 2024 guide is designed to help customers ensure their vehicles reach their destinations securely and stress-free.

The new guide emphasizes the importance of proactive measures, starting with thorough research. Before entrusting shipping a vehicle to any company, the company suggests seeking recommendations, checking credentials and delving into the driver’s details with the understanding that knowledge is the primary shield against getting scammed.

“Many scams hide in the fine print and our guide highlights the significance of scrutinizing and understanding contract terms, emphasizing the need to clarify any uncertainties,” said Catie Pershin, operations manager at “Knowing your rights and obligations is paramount in safeguarding your interests during the transportation process.”

The guide warns against car haulers who demand upfront payments and other unscrupulous practices. It emphasizes the significance of reading and understanding the terms and conditions. Shop owners and consumers can protect their cars and their money by being vigilant and questioning any unusual requests.

The guide also advocates for safeguarding data, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure throughout the transportation process, and encourages other smart practices such as verifying insurance coverage, inspecting the vehicle before and after transportation, and checking licenses and registrations. connects customers to secure and reliable vehicle transportation services and serves as an advocate for reliable vehicle transportation.

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