New Company Launches in the ADAS Category

A veteran of the automotive aftermarket and consumer electronics industry is starting his own company. Bob L. Goodman has founded Advanced Vehicle Solutions LLC in Orange County, California.

Advanced Vehicle Solutions will aggregate select suppliers within the fast growing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) category.

“After 10 years of championing this category from the manufacturers’ side, it was apparent that no one company can supply all the products necessary to satisfy the demands of consumers while maintaining quality, value and functionality,” said Goodman, president and managing partner of Advanced Vehicle Solutions. “The goal of Advanced Vehicle Solutions is to accomplish this by carefully selecting only products that meet all three criteria. With the ADAS category growing at such a rapid rate, it’s attracted dozens of suppliers almost overnight. This makes it difficult for distributors, expeditors and 12-Volt specialists to determine which products offer the best solutions for their customers.

“Advanced Vehicle Solutions addresses this with an established national network of manufacturers’ representatives already onboard, selling handpicked solutions. We’ve already secured agreements for our initial product offerings and they will be available shortly to select resellers in the U.S and Canada-”some are exclusive to us.”

Goodman has previously held senior management positions for the Harman Consumer Group, Robert Bosch Corp., Aura Systems, Myron & Davis, Sherwood America and more recently Rostra Precision Controls and Rydeen Mobile Electronics.

“This is a logical step for me at this point in my career,” he said. “I can now utilize my experience, knowledge and relationships without the constraints of a traditional employment relationship. Advanced Vehicle Solutions will prove to be an especially unique advantage to new suppliers attempting to enter a growing yet volatile market.

“Our close working relationship with only a few select suppliers will enable Advanced Vehicle Solutions to assist in establishing their initial distribution by creating the necessary relationships within the marketplace,” Goodman added. “Today’s 12-volt aftermarket environment is a particularly harsh one and merely having good product and lower prices will not guarantee success in today’s marketplace. Many small companies with just one or two products simply cannot afford the necessary infrastructure to compete on a level playing field with the established players, thus the need for Advanced Vehicle Solutions. Advanced Vehicle Solutions can provide all sales and marketing functions and will employ the expertise of additional professionals if necessary.”

For additional information, contact Goodman by emailing or calling 949-201-9213.

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