New Brainwave Biosensor to Measure Driver Alertness

New Brainwave Biosensor to Measure Driver Alertness | THE SHOP
Hyundai Mobis introduces the world first brainwaves based ADAS system, M.Brain.

Hyundai Mobis, the parts and services branch of Hyundai Motor Company, has developed the M.Brain, a new healthcare technology with automotive applications based on brainwave measurement, the company announced.

M.Brain measures the driver’s condition on a real-time basis by detecting the brainwaves around the ears through earpiece sensors that are worn by the driver. The software then analyzes and determines the data from the brainwaves to monitor the driver’s condition.

M.Brain can also be interworked with a smartphone app and provide notification that the driver is losing attention. The accident prevention technology also provides alerts for different sensory organs, such as sight (LEDs around the driver’s seat), touch (vibrating seat), hearing (headrest speaker) and more.

Hyundai Mobis plans to apply various bio-healthcare technologies to public transportation with a view to contributing to public safety, the company said.

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