New App Offers Car Photography, Videography Service On Demand

A new app, called CarLife, is offering automotive photography and videography services on demand, the company announced.

“We think of ourselves as the Uber for content—delivering on-demand photos and videos from anywhere in the U.S. through a simple subscription service,” Founder Matt Laux says. “We offer easy and affordable month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter subscriptions with no long-term commitments so dealers can continue selling cars using our curated content through channels like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, no matter the frequency.”

Dealers can request content through CarLife’s proprietary software. The photographer gets the request to shoot straight to their phone, then simply uploads the content into the system and gets paid instantly. Everything is then coded and organized by dealership, model and stock number with the assets feeding directly into a central library that can be viewed by any marketing department or agency. Once the content is delivered, the dealership owns the photos, so there are never any hassles over rights issues.

“Clients can see past jobs and all of its contents while having a direct contact to us if any issues arise,” Laux says. “We even offer direct account managers at CarLife to curate, edit and strategize content for any marketing needs. It’s a very simple system—full-service on the front end for clients.”

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