NAEV Prepares for Production on H1 Hummer EV

The Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer production will begin later this summer...

North American Electric Vehicles (NAEV) has announced their Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer. Featuring 1000 horsepower with an impressive on-road range of up to 300 miles. The first 2025 Cyber-Hummers are set to begin rolling off the line at the company’s new manufacturing center and headquarters this summer.

“At North American Electric Vehicles, our goal is delivering an electric 4×4 solution that can get dirty, but is just at home on the highway. Historically, the H1 was such a cool truck and interestingly, the classic design layout is optimal for creating an EV and balancing batteries,” comments North American Electric Vehicles Founder Jeffrey Kotulak. “For this 2025 Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer line, the company will be offering a limited production of the new model.”

NAEV Prepares for Production on H1 Hummer EV | THE SHOP

Each NAEV Cyber-Hummer rides atop a military-engineered chassis, setting the stage for the rig to get dirty anytime off-road. Longevity and reliability is also paramount, and NAEV provides both an all-aluminum body and suspension that offers a lightweight, durable solution.

Sporting dual motor all-wheel drive power and a Level 3 Tesla battery, the Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer has incredible acceleration capabilities with a 0 – 60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds. Each Cyber-Hummer is fully equipped with modern independent suspension that is fully adjustable. Stopping power is provided by Tesla regenerative braking and Brembo calipers.

Riding atop stout 20-inch alloy wheels with 37×12.5 R20 all-terrain tires, North American Electric Vehicles’ reimagined H1 provides a full 15-inches of ground clearance. Offering incredible versatility, NAEV also implements off-road-calibrated traction programming to ensure each Cyber-Hummer can easily trek through challenging terrain.

One important problem that NAEV solves in the new Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer is slimming down the historically beefy, overall vehicle curb weight. North American Electric Vehicles’ new 2025 Cyber-Hummer weighs in at only 4,500 lbs. compared to the modern Hummer’s 9,000 lbs. curb weight. NAEV engineers also integrate Tesla-sourced battery packs low within each vehicle’s frame in an effort to vastly improve performance and handling.

NAEV Prepares for Production on H1 Hummer EV | THE SHOP

Another notable development from NAEV is the company’s seamless, convenient charging process. Each new Cyber-Hummer is fully capable of charging using both the NACS and CSS charging networks, meaning a full charge is almost always within reach for clients. With a range of up to 300 miles and options for both home charging as well as quick charging on Tesla’s always growing network, the Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer is more than capable of tackling more lengthy adventures and excursions.

A Momo steering wheel complements the Cyber-Hummer’s incredible performance capabilities, while vegan leather throughout the cabin interior keeps travelers comfortable throughout the duration of all road trips. With seating for up to six total passengers within the Cyber-Hummer’s spacious interior, large groups can comfortably enjoy the drive.

“The 2025 Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer from NAEV showcases what’s possible when intersecting a classic H1 and electrification,” continues Kotulak. “From the vehicle’s dual motors to the luxurious interior, every feature embodies a new era bringing this beast back in a more civilized, thrilling way.”

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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