Mustang Dynamometer Installs Test Stand for Army Research Laboratory

Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) has completed the installation of a test stand capable of conducting experiments on a wide array of Army transmissions, gearboxes and other powertrain systems for The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Army Research Laboratory at their Aberdeen, Maryland facility, the company announced.

MAE delivered/installed a turn-key solution which includes interfacing with existing and/or new facility utilities. The test stand will be capable of testing the following powertrain configurations:

  • Helicopter main transmission, single/dual inputs (1,000 HP each)
  • Helicopter tail-rotor drivetrain 1,000 HP class
  • Helicopter tail-rotor drivetrain 250 HP class

The test stand was delivered with five AC variable speed dyne motors configured in a common bus arrangement to allow the electrical power to be re-circulated within the system, the company said. This drive configuration offers significant power savings over the life of the test stand. The test stand includes a hydraulic blade simulation system to dynamically impart forces and moments to the helicopter main transmissions which simulate the blade forces.

In addition, the turnkey system was supplied with all fixtures, test article mounting systems, torque disc calibration systems, MAE’s TRANSdyne Control Software and a comprehensive data acquisition package, the company said.

“Mustang is extremely pleased to deliver such an advanced and very versatile test stand,” said Allen White, project manager at Mustang Dynamometer. “We have decades of experience with sophisticated transmission test stands, including similar advanced military testing systems.”

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