Motovicity Selects Key Supply Chain Planning Software

Motovicity has selected Blue Ridge technology services and software to bolster its customer service. Blue Ridge was selected following an “arduous period of comparing programming options” to further optimize Motovicity’s supply chain management performance and drive organizational goals, according to the distributor.

“We are working hard and investing to introduce improvements and provide an even better product selection,” said Brian Lounsberry, CEO of Motovicity. “We strive to bring convenience and value to our partners, all with the goal of saving money and time while increasing productivity. The Blue Ridge product delivers premium information enhancements, helping us better meet and exceed hard-to-hit service levels across all the brands we carry. This product dramatically changes the way we go to market and service our customer base.”

As a result of its most recent software addition, the company is able to better anticipate the demand from some of the nation’s most revered automotive shops and fastest-growing retailers and match that demand with ready-to-ship inventory, spread across 185 premium brands, according to Motovicity.

Motovicity was limited to a quarterly analysis prior to utilizing the Blue Ridge program, creating challenges when attempting to cast market trends and subsequent logistics, according to the company. The new technology will allow Motovicity to analyze market trends and stock changes every four weeks in addition to daily reviews, allowing the distributor to react more rapidly to market changes.

Blue Ridge’s proprietary, cloud-based software and algorithms also will aid in preventing stockouts and overall internal efficiency.

“At Motovicity, our sales reps and purchasing manager are ASE certified parts specialists that provide our customers with knowledge and expertise they simply won’t find anywhere else. The Blue Ridge supply chain program gives them an edge. It allows us to maintain heightened competency and increase team efficiencies. It is the most accurate way for us to spot changes in customer demand before they happen,” added Lounsberry. “This state-of-the-art technology generates a precise, day-by-day view of the supply chain to ensure product availability, prevent stock-outs and also eliminates excess inventory.”

Infrastructure innovation is part of Motovicity’s larger roadmap to help overcome industry-wide challenges, including unstable fill rates, ever-changing consumer demand and unpredictable supplier lead times, according to the company.

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