Motovicity Launches Scratch and Dent Savings Program

Motovicity Distribution is adding more savings for its customers through a newly implemented products imperfection initiative, according to the company.

With thousands of parts regularly leaving and entering the distributor’s storage space, Motovicity’s staff sometimes come across some that have been mishandled or manufactured with a cosmetic flaw.

“You might not notice the blemish, ding, or scrape that they find during inspection but Motovicity wants to assure you that you’ll definitely notice money being saved,” the company stated in a news release.

Since Motovicity is not a retailer, restocking is not an option, therefore Scratch and Dent is the company’s new way of taking care of mishaps and benefitting all parties involved.

“From time to time, every company has a little scratch and dent that happens to a few products. Instead of pitching it, we verify the part is still in working condition and offer it at an unparalleled discount,” said Pawel Tokarz, sales manager for Motovicity. “By doing this, not only are we providing another way to offer deals to our customers but we’re being environmentally and economically responsible by eliminating waste and adding savings.”

What is really going to make the difference in Motovicity’s Scratch and Dent program is how transparent the company is with what’s for final sale on its website, according to the company. Customers will be able to see photos of the actual merchandise and read a thorough condition report of the exact product in the photo. On top of the strict due diligence put forth in verifying these parts, the transparency of price reduction ensures that buyers not only know what they’ll be receiving but that there’s a significant price reduction that overly justifies the savings.

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