Motovicity Adds BOOSTane Octane Engineering to Product Lineup

motovicityPerformance parts distributers Motovicity Distribution have partnered with BOOSTane Octane Engineering, producer of high-performance fuel additives and race fuel alternatives, to add its products to Motovicity’s product lineup.

Utilizing proprietary stability/carrier technology, the BOOSTane team engineered a product that transforms 93 octane pump gas into 116 octane race fuel equivalent.

“I’m excited to be able to offer our customers a unique product that eliminates the need to lug around barrels of race fuel,” said the CEO of Motovicity, Brian Lounsberry. “After overcoming some logistical challenges, we are able to supply this new product line exclusively through a dropship arrangement with BOOSTane to ensure the highest level of safety in product delivery, while enabling our customers to enjoy all the benefits of having their needs fulfilled through our wholesale distribution service.”

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