Motorsport Data Company Secures Porsche Investment

Motorsport Data Company Secures Porsche Investment | THE SHOPPorsche Ventures, the sports car manufacturer’s venture capital division, has taken a minority stake in start-up Griiip, the company announced.

The start-up has developed a cloud-based data platform that enables the transmission of motorsport data directly from the racing car, and then both analyses and visualizes it in the cloud. Griiip introduces a new dimension of user engagement, data analysis and viewing experience aimed at bringing the excitement of motorsport to every level of end-user – drivers, teams and fans.

The Israel-based start-up set out on a mission to make motorsport more accessible by providing new and innovative ways for racing organizations, leagues, franchises and car manufacturers to engage with fans, the company said. The company’s personalized digital media platform, RAMP (Racing Media Platform), offers a unique approach to fan engagement with the aim of attracting younger audiences that seek a more immersive and personalized viewing experience via digital mediums.

The solution includes direct access to raw data from the vehicle electronic units through a hardware component known as the Red Box. The information is extracted during races and used to create data-driven products including live content. Personalized content production made possible by RAMP allows viewers to access drivers’ profiles and compare their performance in real-time. This can include a range of datasets such as driver stress levels, the vehicle’s battery status, predicted lap times or tire data. The information is collected and displayed in charts in real-time to allow viewers to compare driver performance.

“Motorsport has always been part of Porsche’s DNA and digitization is part of our Strategy 2030. This investment is another exciting and promising step to transfer our heritage into the future,” says Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman of the executive board and member of the executive board for finance and it at Porsche.

Porsche Motorsport recently conducted a successful proof of concept to verify the company’s technology.

“Griiip offers a future-oriented and innovative motorsport data platform which connects all stakeholders (up to mixed reality races) and creates a new era of the motor racing viewing experience,” continues Fritz Enzinger, vice president of motorsport at Porsche. “This is outstanding in motorsport.”

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