Motor State Adds Fuel Injection Enterprises

motor-state-fieMotor State Distributing has added the Fuel Injection Enterprises (FIE) product line to its ever- expanding list of quality brand vendors.

FIE is well known in the racing magneto business for improving Mallory Ignition Magneto’s spark performance with retro-fitting sever-duty contacts into Super-Mags and fixing the stator/winding and drive problems to perform over 10,000 rpm, according to the company. In 2011, FIE purchased the Mallory Ignition Magneto line, making them a natural choice to continue the Super-Mag/Sprintmag legacy under the FIE brand. FIE product line also includes lower drives, transformer coils and other ignition race parts.

For more information, contact Motor State Distributing at 800-772-2678 or visit

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