Most ‘Instagrammable’ Classic European Cars

Jul 23, 2021

Google searches for “classic cars for sale” in the US rose by 68% in the past week alone, according to, suggesting that some are hankering for timeless beauties.

With this in mind, cruised through Instagram to find out which European automotive classics are the most popular on the social media network.

According to’s research, the Citroen DS is the most popular classic car on Instagram with 137,018 hashtags. Worldwide interest in this gem has grown by 200% in the past year. Thomas Hopkins, from car buying company, provided his expert opinion on why this futuristic-looking car is still a favorite after 66 years on the road:

“The French automaker’s technical advancements and je ne sais quoi, if you will, brought to the DS a styling, driving experience and new technology that was avant-garde – especially only a decade after the end of World War II. Combined with its relative affordability nowadays, the Citroen DS will always be loved by enthusiasts.”

The iconic British Jaguar E-Type Series 1 lands in second place. Often referred to as “the most beautiful car ever made”, it seems we can’t take our eyes off of its impeccable design, as it has been tagged 126,319 times on Instagram.

The convertible Fiat 124 Sport Spider races into third place. Produced from 1966 to 1981, the sportscar received 103,286 hashtags to date and can be found for an estimated $14,939 – the cheapest of all cars included in the study.

Ferrari 250 GTO lands in fourth place, with 90,401 hashtags to date. One of the most expensive cars in the world – it once sold for 70 million dollars – it’s now estimated to be worth $49,796,611. With only 36 models being produced between 1962 and 1964, Hopkins comments:

“Ferraris will always be a fascination for all, car enthusiasts or not. They represent luxury, power, and grace; something that all people can appreciate and enjoy. The 250 GTO, in particular, is one of the greatest contributors to Ferrari’s domination of all competitive racing in the 60s and early 70s.”

Rounding out the top five classic cars on Instagram is Miura. The Lamborghini received 81,694 hashtags and is valued at $896,340. According to Hopkins:

“This one is a little surprising to be so far up on the list. It is a complete 180 compared to the Lamborghinis of today. The Miura is more akin to the 250 GTO and the E-Type than it is to the Aventador, Diablo or Huracan. When it was released in 1964, it was the fastest production road car available at the time.”