Moser Engineering Acquires GearFX

The driveline component manufacturer will join Moser's facilities in Indiana...

Moser Engineering has acquired GearFX from Holley Performance Brands.

The driveline component manufacturer will help Moser Engineering to continue producing its driveline products within the U.S., according to a March 26 Facebook post.

Moser Engineering Acquires GearFX | THE SHOP

The GearFX brand will relocate its facilities to join the Moser team in Portland, Indiana, according to officials. As the two brands join forces they will continue refining their manufacturing and engineering practices to continue growing within the industry, according to the report.

“We are thrilled to welcome the GearFX line of products into the Moser Engineering family. Our goal is to continually expand and improve our line of driveline products for the aftermarket marketplace. This acquisition allows us to ensure that the 9-inch housing centers we sell will continue to be produced in the USA,” stated Rob Moser, owner of Moser Engineering. “By combining our sales, manufacturing and engineering expertise with an already great product line, we will further distance ourselves from the competition. Moser Engineering is known for delivering custom driveline products quicker than anyone else in the industry, and we will apply this expertise to GearFX products right away.”


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