Monit Partners With Motor State Distributing as its First U.S. WD

The company is known for its unique, innovative solution for brake bias indication…

Motor State Distributing announces the addition of Monit Motorsport to its diverse and growing performance and racing brand offerings. Motor State Distributing is currently the sole U.S. warehouse distributor for Monit Motorsport products.

“Monit created a unique and innovative solution for brake bias indication. Other companies have produced brake bias indicators, but none have been as clean, easy to use and configurable for the driver,” said Ryan Disterheft, Motor State Distributing product manager.

Established in 2006, Monit is a specialist designer and manufacturer of motorsports equipment. Having supplied the European market for more than 15 years with a range of products, the company has built a proven reputation for design lead innovation, resulting in easy-to-use products with superior performance and reliability, according to the company.

Monit is leading its U.S. product offerings with the innovative Brake Dial, which allows easy and consistent adjustment of brake bias and is available in both panel-mount and direct-mount formats. With the Monit Brake Dial advantage, drivers can reset the Monit Dial to “0” at their preferred brake balance position and then confidently adjust and optimize the vehicle brake balance for changing conditions, knowing that the Monit display allows them to return to their starting position quickly and accurately if needed.

The clear, easy-to-read display stays on, constantly showing the bias position. No wiring is required and the Monit dial is a drop-in replacement for existing remote bias adjusters.

The system connects to the balance bar mechanically via the supplied flexible shaft and couplings that fit all balance bars and pedal boxes.

The Monit Brake Dial has become the remote brake bias adjuster of choice for leading race teams and OEM manufacturers, the company noted, including in TCR, GT3 and NASCAR Cup racing, with over half of current NASCAR Cup cars using Monit Brake Dials.

The Monit Brake Bias Dial is in stock at Motor State Distributing and affiliate dealers.

Motor State Distributing is a Michigan-based wholesale warehouse distributor of racing and performance automotive parts for the street, track and off-road markets, serving dealers across the United States, Canada and in more than 35 countries around the world.

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