Monaco Car Auctions Announces a Trio of Colombo V12 Ferrari Models

The 275GTS, 250GT California Inspiration & 365GT 2+2 will all be available on June 8...

Monaco Car Auctions is presenting a number of early consignments connected to the iconic Ferrari marque ahead of its upcoming L’AstaRossa sale on June 8.

A trio of V12-engined sports cars and grand tourers from the 1960s are joined by a diverse collection of Testarossas to mark the model’s 40th anniversary.

The Ferrari 275 GTS is regarded to be the successor to the 250 GT California. The 1965 Ferrari Classiche certified example on sale at L’AstaRossa was the 29th unit to be built with only 3,150km (1,957 miles) on the odometer. Delivered new to Spain before spending most of its life in Italy, the car underwent a full restoration in 2008 by Carrozzeria Quality Cars and GPS Classic.

For those wanting to complete the set of Colombo-engined open-top grand tourers, Monaco Car Auctions will also offer the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT California Inspiration. A recreation of one of Ferrari’s most famous models, the example was engineered to the highest standard by Turin-based Mabert s.r.l. Arguably Ferrari’s most iconic model line of the period, the 250-series of cars were produced in grand touring, sports car and racing configurations. Original examples of the Ferrari 250 GT California are amongst some of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction, making this a highly attractive route to California-inspired ownership for a discerning collector.

Monaco Car Auctions Announces a Trio of Colombo V12 Ferrari Models | THE SHOP
1959 Ferrari 250 California Inspiration

Rounding off its trio of V12 classics is a 1968 365GT 2+2 with just 11,800km (7,332) miles recorded. This low mileage example of one of Ferrari’s finest grand tourers is finished in Pelle Beige with contrasting ‘blu’ hide, and benefits from full Ferrari Classiche classification.

For those bidders favouring the Cavallino’s quintessential 1980s pin-up, the L’AstaRossa sale will present a complete set of Ferrari Testarossas. An early 1985 Testarossa ‘Monospecchio’, sporting its trademark single rear view mirror and single wheel nut, is today the rarest and most sought-after type of Testarossa. Finished in Rosso Corsa over nero hide, it is joined by a 1987 double-mirror, single wheel nut car finished in Giallo Fly, and a 1989 five-wheel nut version which has just one previous owner and 8,250km (5,126) miles on the odometer.

Representing the Testarossa’s continuation into the 1990s, L’AstaRossa offers a Ferrari 512TR. Meanwhile a 1995 Ferrari 512M represents the end of an era, boasting a 50bhp power upgrade to facilitate a 0-62mph sprint that is 1.1 seconds faster than the original ‘Monospecchio’.

For this year’s L’AstaRossa auction, Monaco Car Auctions has sourced a range of vehicles with exceptionally low mileage, with eight cars so far showing less than 20,000km on the odometer. These include a 1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4 with just 15,100km (9,382 miles) to its name, while a 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS and 1993 Ferrari 348 TS boast lower still, with just 3,500km (2,174 miles) and 3,800km (2,361 miles) on the odometer.

Monaco Car Auctions Announces a Trio of Colombo V12 Ferrari Models | THE SHOP
ASA 1000GT

The only vehicles to appear in the L’AstaRossa sale not to feature the famous ‘Cavallino Rampante’ badge is a very rare and highly desirable ASA 1000GT, also known as the ‘Ferrarina’. Devised by Enzo Ferrari to bring the marque to a wider market at a lower cost in order to fund its racing exploits, the Ferrarina concept was launched in 1959 with a Ferrari-designed 850cc four-cylinder engine. By 1962 Ferrari had cooled to the idea of a low-cost Ferrari and sold the project rights to ASA, which brought in Bertone to redesign the bodywork and put it into production in 1964. Just 100 ASA 1000GTs made it to production before the project was canned in 1965. The coupe offered for sale at L’AstaRossa has had the same owner for more than 50 years and has recorded just 17500km.

Laurent Blomet, founder and director of Monaco Car Auctions said: “After the first L’AstaRossa auction last year, it has been imperative that this year’s sale brings the same excitement but in an altogether different way. We cannot wait to share further updates of other exciting vehicles to cross the auction block soon.”

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