Mobile Solutions Announces Speaker & Grille Fabrication Training Course

Sessions will highlight CAD design processes & attendees will take home their projects...

Mobile Solutions announces the MasterTech Up Front Fab Seamless Speaker and Grille Fabrication training program is scheduled April 20-22 at the Mobile Solutions HQ in Tempe, Arizona. 

“Our training program is a proven path for technicians to enhance their skills and perfect their craft,” explained Bryan Schmitt, Mobile Solutions founder/CEO/president. “We all learn by building with our hands, which is why we incorporate the top techniques from the course. Conception – live demos and building… is the basis of our recipe for success. Each training session will break down a simple learning process and of course, share the industry trade secrets.”

Up Front Fab Seamless Speaker and Grille Fabrication is a deep dive into speaker grille design and automation. Using traditional fabrication methods blended with CAD and laser cutting, attendees will experience the best of both worlds. Each attendee will craft their own project as a take-home example of what can be done.

Mobile Solutions Announces Speaker & Grille Fabrication Training Course | THE SHOP

“Our expert-led training covers advanced techniques in design, OEM panel routing, and the precise bonding of dissimilar plastics to achieve seamless integration,” Schmitt continued. “Get up-to-speed with your CAD and learn how to easily export designs to automated machines to reproduce commonly used parts by getting firsthand experience in designing in CAD and building a 3D layered grille.”

Attendees will gain the confidence to apply these skills in their own workshop. They will learn to scale, size, and create basic shapes with precision, use offsets effectively, and understand trimming and alignment…all skills that are transferable to any 2D CAD software. Attendees will also gain expertise in advanced 3D routing, painting, and finishing techniques to achieve a factory-like appearance for customized parts. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of how to achieve the best sound quality through custom fabrication, along with the skills to implement their designs effectively and safely.

“During the training, our attendees benefit from top professional tips, offering insider knowledge and techniques to optimize your design and building process,” Schmitt concluded. “They will come away with an understanding of how to tailor their approach to different types of enclosures and trim panels, allowing for versatility and creativity in your upholstery designs. We recommend attendees bring their laptop and CAD software (CorelDRAW and Aspire are our preferred software).”

​​Seats for this very special workshop are limited, so it is advised to reserve your spot now. 

For reservations, class times, hotel information, and more, click here.

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