Mil-Spec Featured on Hagerty’s ‘Modified’

Mil-Spec Automotive is set to be featured in an upcoming episode of Hagerty’s YouTube series, “Modified,” the company announced.

The show’s host, Matt Farah, recently visited Mil-Spec’s facility to produce an impressive drift segment using the company’s ‘Track Titan’ H1.

The Mil-Spec Automotive Track Titan started life as a 1987 military Humvee before being converted into the “on-road” track performance vehicle it is today.

As an internal project combining elements from several different truck builds from previous MSA H1’s, the Track Titan was built using an H1 chassis and incorporates original Hummer parts and pieces. Its Duramax diesel engine produces up to 800 horsepower and 1,300 lb-ft. of torque.

“It was awesome having Matt [Farah] here in Michigan. We met out in California a few years ago and he mentioned that he wanted to come out to Michigan to drive our drifting H1. The team at Hagerty was fun to work with, and we’re confident this segment will live up to everyone’s expectations,” said Mil-Spec Automotive Founder Ian Broekman. “Matt blew everybody away with his impressive driving. We told him we wanted him to push the vehicle to the limit and he certainly did. It was amazing how quickly he was able to get in the truck and look comfortable behind the wheel. Matt spent the most seat time in that truck, and it was really cool to see what it could do on an open course.”

Throughout the day, the Track Titan proved extremely reliable throughout the day-long test and showcased the impressive craftsmanship that Mil-Spec Automotive puts into each build, the company said.

“Even when Matt entered the track’s corners at 65-70 mph, he was able to essentially drift the vehicle at a sustained speed, which is pretty hard to do in any vehicle, much less an H1,” added Broekman. “The Track Titan did everything we hoped it would, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the end product.”

Hagerty’s episode with Mil-Spec Automotive will debut at a later date on the Hagerty YouTube channel.

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