Mil-Spec Automotive Unveils New Headquarters

Now fully operational, Mil-Spec Automotive has officially completed the development and renovation of a brand-new 37,944-square-foot facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The new Mil-Spec Automotive Michigan complex is a dual-purpose headquarters that allows for vehicle production and client sales to operate together in one location. On the production side, the new facility is outfitted with significantly expanded manufacturing capacity with more work bays and a 5,640-square-foot showroom space to display finished vehicles for clients. To complement the showroom space, Mil-Spec Automotive has also made a special hosting area on site for prospective clients to plan their build preferences with staff.

“The overarching premise for the new Mil-Spec Automotive headquarters was to develop an all-encompassing space to improve our manufacturing capacity while also being able to showcase our company’s core values for new and existing clients,” comments Mil-Spec Automotive CEO Adam Mitchell. “On the design side, our main focus was to emphasize the building’s interior and ensure everything was true to our company’s unique, clean aesthetic.”

“Our company produces experiential trucks, so making sure that we developed a special studio environment for our clients and partners to experience our products was key,” comments Mil-Spec Automotive CIO/Lead Designer Ian Broekman. “This being Michigan, creating an abundance of natural light throughout the facility so that our vehicles are showcased in the best possible way year-round was also important. We’re incredibly pleased with how everything turned out at our new home.”

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