Meyer Distributing Partners With Altor Locks

Altor's ICON Trailer Lock is designed to withstand theft & power tools...

Altor Locks and Meyer Distributing Inc. have partnered to make the ICON Trailer Lock available to retail and wholesale customers. All Altor locks are designed, assembled, packed, and inspected by hand in Sterling, Virginia.

Altor’s US Patent 11,766,905 B2 was issued in 2023 for a premium lock specifically engineered to stand up to thieves using angle grinders, reciprocating saws, drills, lock picks, pry bars and hammers. Conventional locks on the market can be compromised in 120 seconds or less. The innovative ICON survived a concentrated attack with an angle grinder, lasting more than 1 hour and 32 minutes, using 14 blades, and eight battery packs.

“After getting a hands on look at the ICON coupler lock we were immediately convinced this was a product we needed to partner with. The quality and security is evident once you get your hands on it,” said Ben Johnson, category sales manager, RV towing & marine for Meyer Distributing.

The ICON Trailer Lock is made with over 20 pounds of high-quality cast steel hardened to 450 Brinell, making it able to withstand a lot of force. Common conventional locks use  low carbon steel, which is more malleable and vulnerable to saw blades and drill bits. In addition to the patented radial fin design, the ICON features a premium disc detainer lock core, extreme weather-resistant seals and a one-piece design for an easy lock-and-go experience.

“Meyer’s strong work ethic, focus on customer service, technology and wide array of products have made them a trusted partner for automotive aftermarket wholesalers and retailers for 40 years,” said Larry Thomas, chief revenue officer at Altor Locks. “We look forward to working with Meyer.”

Meyer Distributing is a leader in specialty products marketing and distribution.Meyer serves thousands of customers nationwide via Meyer Logistics direct ship. Meyer associates have one goal, to offer the fastest, most flexible and most reliable service in the industry. Its sales staff, mix of over 700 product lines and high fill rate provide retailers with what they need to be profitable on a dependable, repeatable basis.

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