Meyer Distributing Opens New Southern Cross-Dock

Meyer Distributing Inc., has opened a cross-dock location in Jacksonville, Florida. The cross-dock will have a direct, next-day feed from Meyer’s Orlando distribution hub that houses one of the largest inventories of automotive accessories, exhaust, and RV parts in the region.

“We have been in the exhaust business now for several years,” said Collin Gentry, Meyer exhaust sales manager. “Solid year after year growth in this category has led to the need to open up a new location to better service our customers in the Jacksonville region. We are grateful to those who are giving us a look and a chance to earn their business.”

“Logistics is what we do,” said Jeff Braun, CEO of Meyer Distributing and Meyer Logistics. “We are constantly relooking at the maps and redesigning routes based on customer needs and what we know will be sustainable for the long term. We put every penny back into the fleet, infrastructure, inventory, and our staff-”build, grow, hit capacity, retool, and repeat.”

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