Meyer Distributing Opens Cross-Dock Location in Tennessee

Meyer Distributing Inc. has added a cross-dock location in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The cross-dock will have a direct, next-day feed from Meyer’s Jasper, Indiana distribution hub, which houses one of the largest inventories of automotive accessories and RV parts in the region, according to the company.

“We have made great inroads with customers in the exhaust and performance markets in this region,” states Collin Gentry, the exhaust & undercar sales manager for Meyer. “We are relatively new to this industry so it’s great that customers are continuing to buy after giving us a first shot.  We are finding we can often save exhaust customers time and money since we deliver to the region 5 days a week where the norm is once or twice a week.”

“As truck lanes and routes grow, we are always looking at adding extra capacity to get in front of the growth,” said Jeff Braun, CEO of Meyer. “More lanes and trucks lead to improved delivery times and happier customers.  It sounds simple as a general goal, but that routing and sequencing logic gets complex at scale with every new location.  It’s a great problem to have.”

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