Meyer Distributing Opens Cross-Dock in California’s Inland Empire

Meyer Distributing Inc. has added a cross-dock in Barstow, California. The new location will have a direct, next-day feed from Meyer’s Ontario, California hub, which houses one of the largest inventories of automotive accessories and RV parts in the region, according to the company.

“We are thrilled with the support that we are getting from RV dealers throughout the Southwest,” said Jason Lents, the RV sales manager for Meyer. “We offer an alternative to the competition with our family-owned operation. Most of our dealer customers are family businesses too, and it’s been great connecting with them and hearing their success stories over the years and how they started and grew. We hope to continue to help them grow into the future.”

“We continue to make logistics and inventory investments in the Southwest,” said Jeff Braun, CEO of Meyer. “Each additional step we take results in a positive reaction in the market, which allows us to take another step. We appreciate the customers continuing to have faith in us as we develop our regional infrastructure aggressively, but sustainably.”

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