Meyer Distributing Now Selling Pedal Commander

Meyer Distributing has added Pedal Commander to its high performance vendor list.

Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller that removes the delay on electronic accelerator pedals. It allows faster response from the throttle body, allowing the vehicle to accelerate quicker. The product features plug-and-play installation to immediately change the personality of a vehicle, according to the company.

Each Pedal Commander unit is programmed for a specific vehicle, so there is no need for any extra programming.

“The Pedal Commander changes the total feel of your vehicle. It is like unleashing every ounce of power under the hood,” said Austin Zehr, high performance sales manager for Meyer Distributing. “I installed one on my EcoBoost F-150 and it felt like throwing another turbo on the truck when I installed the Pedal Commander. I will never go back to driving a vehicle without one.”

The Pedal Commander comes with four modes: Eco, City, Sport and Sport+. Each mode has eight adjustable settings.

Call 1-800-MEYER-USA for more information.

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