Meyer Distributing Now Offering MRCOOL DIY HVAC Systems

aftermarket parts distributionHVAC company MRCOOL and distribution company Meyer Distributing have partnered to offer HVAC products to its range of retailers, the companies announced.

MRCOOL, established in 2014, is headquartered in Hickory, Kentucky, and is bolstered by its flagship product, the DIY Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump, an HVAC system designed for amateur installation, the company said.

The DIY uses a pre-charged line set to simplify installation, which the company also utilizes in other products, like the Universal Central Heat Pump System.

“Residential HVAC products, like MRCOOL’s DIY Ductless Mini-Split and Universal Central Heat Pump System, are slightly outside of the typical realm of products with which Meyer Distributing works,” Meyer representatives said in a statement announcing the partnership. “Because of the new addition to their distribution network, Meyer Distributing’s line of products has been further diversified, and MRCOOL’s reach has been expanded.”

“Meyer is excited to continue our diversity with the addition of MRCOOL heating and air products. Perfect for your home, your shop, or your cabin,” said Meyer Distributing’s Vice President of Brand Strategy, Nicolas Gramelspacher.

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