Meyer Distributing Hopes Drivers ‘Air Up’ All Four Tires at the Same Time

Meyer Distirbuing has added UpDownAir. The company offers its Air It Up System which is capable of balancing pressure in all a vehicle’s four tires at one time.

The first two products the company is set to offer will be crafted exclusively for the Jeep JK and the Ford Gen 2 Raptor.

“We make it easy to Air Up or Down all your tires, all at the same time, so now when you’re going out to play in the sand, dirt or go crawling, you can return to the road knowing that you can drive home safely with the proper tire pressure,” according to UpDownAir.

The Complete On-Board Air It Up System with Rear Mounted Controller & Bracket installs easily without drilling holes, according to UpDownAir. The package includes eight Quick Release Chucks and four Short Easy to Use Whip hoses for the tire values.

The Controllers are built with an air pressure gauge, adjustable pressure regulator, safety blow off valve and Air It Up air-port.

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