Meyer Distributing Honors Major Performance Brand at PRI

Dec 11, 2018

Meyer Distributing has named Holley Performance as the recipient of its Performance Manufacturer of the Year award.

“In this industry, success is built on relationships,” said Austin Zehr, high performance sales manager at Meyer Distributing. “We at Meyer Distributing would like to recognize Holley brands as a valued partner to us with the presentation of the Performance Manufacturer of the year award. We have always had continuous support from Holley as well as strong relationships with everyone in the organization. We will continue to strongly support their brands and we look forward to all of the exciting collaborations with their team to come.”

“We are honored to be recognized by Meyer Distributing as Performance Manufacturer of the year,” said Jason Bruce, vice president of business development for Holley. “Holley brands are dedicated to creating value and growing relationships within the industry. Meyer Distributing is a great customer and their philosophy and systems align with ours. We look forward to working with Meyer for many years to come.”