Meyer Distributing Expands Pacific Northwest Service

Meyer Distributing Inc. has opened a location in Twin Falls, Idaho.

“We are expanding service to more and more regions each year as customers get familiar with Meyer,” said Cody Ziegler, national sales manager for Meyer. “A big thanks to all those customers that gave us a chance early on that is allowing us to reinvest in them with upgraded service. We only exist if our customers exist, and we look forward to deepening those partnerships.”

“I remember telling our staff on 10 different occasions over the past 10 years, ‘just one more location,'” said Jeff Braun, CEO of Meyer. “If we open here, we can really help our customers have better access to parts and close more sales while keeping the competition honest. Kudos to our employees for being there every step of the way-so lucky to have such a great team!”

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