Meyer Distributing Announces Partnership with Bakcou

The eBike manufacturer offers a full lineup of mobility solutions…

Meyer Distributing announces a new partnership with Bakcou. The new partnership comes with Bakcou’s introduction of the On-Demand Programming (ODP) for eBike enthusiasts. This new software enhancement is designed to revolutionize how riders interact with their eBikes, offering unparalleled flexibility and compliance with eBike regulations.

ODP is a software update available on Bakcou eBikes that allows riders to switch effortlessly between different eBike classes directly from their eBike display. This feature is compatible with Bakcou’s full lineup of mid-drive motor eBikes, including variations of the Storm, the Mule, the Scout, and the MAV3.

Meyer Distributing Announces Partnership with Bakcou | THE SHOP

 “We’ve been looking for additional, unique partners in this eBike space,” states Nick Gramelspacher, VP of brand strategy for Meyer. “Bakcou checked all those boxes with AWD models and E-Scooters, which some of our outdoor shops and RV stores have been asking for.”

Bakcou is thrilled to be working with one of the elite distributors in Meyer,” says Brian Marsing, VP of sales for Bakcou. “We are happy to align our companies, both as leaders in our own field, to bring our electric bikes to Meyer’s dealer network. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership.” 

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