Metalcloak Chooses New Manufacturing Management Solution

Metalcloak has chosen OptiProERP as the company’s new manufacturing management solution provider.

Doug Powell, Chief Engineer says, “we are a Systems-Based Company. Our philosophy is to develop systems that work incredibly well together, designing every individual part to function and improve that system.”

Metalcloak chief engineer Doug Powell drove the selection process for a replacement to the company’s QuickBooks system. The process was elaborate, as Powell looked at more than 40 systems.

Eventually, the company narrowed the possible candidates down to five. The SAP Business One HANA platform by OptiProERP proved to be the winner.

Metalcloak chose to adopt a cloud environment for their new system, according to the company.

“SAP Business One HANA was clearly faster- for both general responsiveness and reporting, especially in the Cloud,” Powell said. “The Sales team from OptiProERP were by far the best communicators. They understood discrete manufacturing better than anyone else we spoke to.”

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