MEMA Testifies on Impacts of Tariffs to Congress

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) used testimony delivered to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means on Thursday (April 12) to oppose new U.S. tariffs imposed on imported steel and aluminum.

“MEMA supports the administration’s agenda to assure free, fair, and reciprocal trade and a level playing field for all Americans. Our industry counts on a strong domestic steel and aluminum industry and has long supported aggressive policies to protect intellectual property rights (IPR) and enforce IPR laws here in the U.S. and around the globe-including in China,” said Ann Wilson, MEMA senior vice president of government affairs, during the testimony. “However, MEMA is very concerned about the adverse impact on manufacturing jobs resulting from the sections 232 and 301 tariffs.”

The congressional hearing was focused on the effects of tariff increases on the U.S. economy and jobs and included testimony from several organizations affected by tariffs.

“I wanted to take the opportunity today to connect the dots. I know all of you have heard repeatedly that the vehicle industry counts on a global marketplace,” Wilson continued. “But our industry also counts on regulatory and market certainty. Our industry buys the vast majority of its steel and aluminum domestically but imports specialty materials as well as finished parts. Often, these imports are manufactured further and made into other parts, subcomponents or systems by us workers at facilities all over the country. This allows the U.S. supply chain, as part of the global economy, to be competitive and prosperous – creating hundreds of thousands of us jobs.”

In written testimony submitted to the committee, MEMA again asserted that tariffs could negatively impact motor vehicle parts suppliers.

“MEMA supports the administration’s efforts to strengthen our nation’s economy. However, MEMA is very concerned about the adverse impact on manufacturing jobs resulting from the Sections 232 and 301 tariffs,” according to the statement. “The combined impact of these tariffs has thrown many of our member companies close to a financial crisis and has made some of them question their future investments in the U.S. Tariffs will have a negative impact on these manufacturers, the jobs they create, and ultimately the American consumer. MEMA urges this committee to work with the administration to reset our discussions with our trading partners to pursue our joint goal of free and fair trade.”

The formal testimony is just one piece of an extended effort in Washington to limit the impacts of tariffs on MEMA members.

For more information visit MEMA’s Trade Resource page.

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