Melling Engine Parts Acquires Casalandra Metal Stamping

Melling Engine Parts Acquires Casalandra Metal Stamping | THE SHOPMelling Engine Parts has acquired Casalandra Metal Stamping, a manufacturer of expansion plugs based in New Castle, Pennsylvania, the company announced.

“Casalandra has been a key vendor to Melling for years and we were excited when the opportunity presented itself,” said CEO Mark Melling. “We are committed to becoming basic in more product lines, and of course love the fact [that] the parts are made in [the] USA.”

“Casalandra Metal Stamping is pleased to have found a new home as part of the Melling family of manufacturing,” said Merit Wish Phillips of Casalandra. “We have been grateful to have served our customers for 70-plus years and have the utmost trust in Melling to continue this service. While passing on our family business was not an easy decision, it is one made with confidence in Melling’s ability to continue business on a personal level. Our excitement is to see Casalandra, through Melling, grow and enhance this industry.”

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