Maxxsonics Appoints Sherman VP of Product & Marketing

Alden Stiefel, CEO of Maxxsonics, has tapped Brian Sherman to become the company’s vice president of product & marketing.

“As obsessed techno consumers, we all devour advanced technology; we barely notice as it evolves in our products and our lives,” Stiefel said. Brian is the perfect team leader to bring these cutting-edge technologies into Maxxsonics products in the years to come.

I have been working with Brian Sherman since 2004, there is no better person in the industry to take this seat.” 

Sherman brings 30 years of consumer electronics experience to the Maxxsonics senior management team. He will help guide product vision and marketing strategy across all business units including the company’s OEM efforts. He also will play a key role in managing suppliers for all products delivered across all Maxxsonics business segments.

“I am excited to be given this opportunity to grow at Maxxsonics,” Sherman said. “Our team is the best in the business and to continue to develop alongside these professionals means a great deal to me. We look forward to continuing our growth through many of the new marketing and product initiatives we have in process.”

Sherman will remain in his Arizona office, which is tethered to the top secret Maxxsonics R&D facility. The Maxxsonics West facility is a key development hub for the aftermarket mobile plus burgeoning growth markets like the RV, UTV and electric vehicle audio experience.

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