MAP Services Adds 13 Brands to Lineup

The brand uses AI to better provide for its client base & identify non-compliance...

MAP Services Corp announces the addition of 13 new brands this quarter. MAP’s unique Do-It-For-Me service model continues to provide value to its clients.

“Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, our technology not only identifies instances of non-compliance but also uncovers sellers adhering to MAP policies—sellers whom our clients were previously unaware were distributing their products,” explains David Portugal, founder of MAP Services.

The full list of added brands includes:  SuperSprings International, HushMat, SAS Safety Corp/Raven, Zycoat, Boat Bling, EGR USA, Bling Sauce, BBR Motorsports, Napier, Race Sport Lighting, Backroadz and Pacbrake Sports.

For more information on how MAP Services Corp’s AI-driven solutions can transform your MAP policy enforcement and compliance monitoring, visit its website. 

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