MAHLE Expands Thermal Management Portfolio

All assets from MAHLE Aftermarket‘s acquisition of Behr Hella Service will be fully transferred to MAHLE on Jan. 1… For MAHLE customers, this means access to a broad portfolio of thermal management products for passenger cars and trucks as well as agricultural vehicles and construction machines, according to the company. The future products will be offered under the BEHR sales brand, with the portfolio planned to be continuously expanded.

“As an OEM, MAHLE has enormous expertise in the area of thermal management, and now our customers in the aftermarket business segment will also see increased benefits,” said Olaf Henning, executive vice president and general manager of MAHLE Aftermarket. “E-mobility will present workshops in particular with new challenges in the medium term. We can now offer them targeted support with the expertise from our OEM business and provide the right solutions-by identifying a component with the correct diagnostic systems and delivering technical training and information on repairs and maintenance.”

MAHLE is thereby providing its customers with forward-looking support in the increasingly important market of e-mobility. Thermal management is, after all, a central prerequisite for the reliable operation of electrically powered vehicles, as it significantly influences efficiency and thus supports CO2 reduction and cleanliness. MAHLE Aftermarket provides the right spare parts, diagnostic systems, training, and repair and maintenance information, boosting its profile as a systems provider.

Current customers of BHS can order the products using familiar part numbers, even after January 1, 2020. They will remain in place throughout a transition period, while MAHLE part numbers are implemented in parallel.

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