MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. Enters the Performance Piston Ring Market

MAHLE Performance PistonsMAHLE Aftermarket Inc. announces MAHLE Performance rings; a new brand and a further step in the strategy of MAHLE Aftermarket to offer all performance products in a specialized product category.

MAHLE Performance rings have been available through MAHLE Aftermarket Inc., and are now offered in a new performance package. This makes it easier for MAHLE customers to stock and sell the line. The part numbers will not change and coverage continues to grow.

“MAHLE has had the good fortune to have longstanding relationships with top racers to help develop this line,” says Jon Douglas, President of MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “We work closely with our MAHLE plants on product advancements and just as closely with top racers and performance engine builders so they can take advantage of the products we make.”

Douglas went on to say, “Piston rings are a core MAHLE product globally. The shift in branding to where we offer a ‘MAHLE Performance piston ring’ is a component of the overall MAHLE Performance line of engine parts as a means of demonstrating our commitment to the racing and performance industry.”

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