Lund Subsidiary Settles Patent Dispute

A subsidiary of Lund International settled separate lawsuits filed in November that alleged copyright infringement by T-Max (Hangzhou) Technology Co. Ltd. and various affiliates of Rocky Ridge Inc. Three patents owned by Lund Motion Products Inc. were the subject of the lawsuits, which relate to the company’s POWERSTEP electric-powered articulating running board.

“Lund is pleased to announce that it has settled its lawsuit with the Rocky Ridge family of defendants,” the company announced in a press release. “Rocky Ridge defendants agreed not to sell the infringing T-Max running boards in the future and acknowledged the validity and enforceability of the asserted Lund POWERSTEP articulating running board patents. Rocky Ridge also agreed to cooperate in Lund’s continuing efforts to enforce its intellectual property rights pertaining to Lund’s articulating running board technology.”

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