LIQUI MOLY Supports Foundation Seeking Worldwide Unity

Ernst ProstThe Ernst Prost Foundation and LIQUI MOLY will each provide three years with $59,000 each year to the Weltethos Foundation. Furthermore, Ernst Prost, CEO of LIQUI MOLY was appointed to the board of trustees of the Weltethos Foundation.

The Weltethos foundation was established by theologist Hans Küng.

Küng was born in the Swiss canton of Luzern in 1928. In 1993, the Parliament of the World’s Religions made a “declaration toward a global ethic,” or weltethos in German. Küng said that’s where the inspiration behind the Weltethos Foundation came from. The Weltethos project tries to outline the things the world’s religions have in common and to create a brief set of rules of the basic demands that can be accepted by us all: a mutual ethic.

“A global era, which is shaped differently to any before it by global politics, global technology, global economy and global civilization requires a global ethic,” Küng said in 1993. “This world needs an ethic; this global society does not need a single religion and single ideology, but instead needs several uniting and binding standards, values, ideals and goals.”

“Our work is more in demand than ever, particularly in times of global insecurity and migration. The generous contribution gives us enormous help in being able to approach our task even more efficiently,” said Eberhard Stilz, president of the Weltethos Foundation.

Prost established the Ernst Prost Foundation seven years ago to help people in need by no fault of their own. After dramatic experiences in South Africa in 2015, the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa was established.

“President Eberhard Stilz and his team do a good job in this crazy world,” Prost said. “Some of the pain that we suffer as people is probably due to our fate. For example, diseases, disability, hardship and death-with the Ernst Prost Foundation we are working to alleviate this pain that people suffer.

“There is also human-made suffering: Wars, displacement, racism, hate and a lack of charity. This is where the Weltethos foundation forms its attack,” Prost added. “Yes, a lot of pain in this world would not even exist, for people and animals alike, if all people would actually act like people: Peace, respect, charity, tolerance and helpfulness.”

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