LIQUI MOLY Sold to Partner Company

LIQUI MOLY is getting a new owner. At the turn of the year CEO Ernst Prost is selling his company shares to the Würth Group.

“I have hereby secured the future of LIQUI MOLY for a time when I may no longer be at the helm myself,” said Prost, who will remain the CEO of the corporate group. “I wanted to make provisions with a minimum of fuss, when things are going well and we don’t have to decide under difficult circumstances.”

There is a long relationship with the Würth Group. For almost 20 years the Würth Group has been a silent partner of LIQUI MOLY as a safeguard against uncertainties, according to LIQUI MOLY.

With more than 70,000 employees and $14.9 billion in sales, Würth Group was built as a family company, according to LIQUI MOLY.

“That’s why I know LIQUI MOLY is in good hands with the Würth Group,” Prost said.

Except for the change of owner behind the scenes, nothing is changing at LIQUI MOLY, according to the company. LIQUI MOLY will remain an independent company within the Würth Group. Nothing will change for the employees, either.

“Those who know me know that my employees are my focus,” Prost said. “After all, it would be foolish to change anything about the road to success over the past few years. Everything will continue just as before-just under a bigger roof that offers greater protection.”

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