Liqui Moly Profits Rise in 2017

LIQUI MOLY financial statements have been made available and tell a story of 2017 success. The company’s revenue in 2017 reached $665 million, a 9 percent increase compared to $611 million in 2016.

The company’s profit also expanded 9 percent to $65 million.

To celebrate, the company is distributing $12.5 million in bonuses to its 835 employees. Each employee will earn a $13,751 bonus.

The company has created around 100 new jobs in the past two years, according to LIQUI MOLY CEO Ernest Prost.

“It’s also the time to not only think about ourselves, but also about other people who aren’t so well off. People in need who I’ve been helping through my private foundation for the past seven years together with my son Benjamin Orschulik and my dearest Kerstin Thiele,” Prost said. “Therefore I have decided to privately donate $3.75 million to the Ernst Prost Foundation and $1.25 million to the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa from the revenue I managed to obtain from selling Liqui Moly to Würth.”

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