LIQUI MOLY Partners with 034 Motorsports

LIQUI MOLY has entered a technical partnership with 034 Motorsports. 034 Motorsports is known for its performance upgrades and tuning of Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

034 Motorsports exclusively uses and recommends LIQUI MOLY lubricants and additives to be used alongside its products, according to the company.

“034 Motorsports will only use and offer the highest quality products that make a difference and add value to the vehicle. They will only offer a product that has a true impact,” said Sebastian Zelger, the director of LIQUI MOLY USA. “Ultimately, both companies are trying to reach the same enthusiast customer base.”

The technical partnership allows LIQUI MOLY to work hand-in-hand with 034 Motorsports to continually test products both on and off the racetrack, according to the company. This partnership allows LIQUI MOLY engineers to see how their manufacturer-approved oils function at a whole new level of performance.

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