LIQUI MOLY, Noelle Performance Form Technical Partnership

LIQUI MOLY, Noelle Performance Form Technical Partnership | THE SHOPLIQUI MOLY USA/Canada and Noelle Performance have formed a technical partnership between the two automotive companies effective September 15, 2020, the companies announced.

Noelle Performance offers high performance software for all new BMWs, creating increased performance and demands on the engine. This technical partnership makes it possible, the companies say, for Noelle Performance and the oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY to continue collaboratively testing their products.

Like LIQUI MOLY oils and additives, Noelle’s software is developed in Germany in conjunction with partners in Germany. While many LIQUI MOLY motor oils are developed with BMW and other manufacturers’ approval parameters, optimum performance and efficiency are always considered. With Noelle’s performance improvements, it is imperative the motor oil keeps up with the demands on the engine and other aspects of the vehicle.

“LIQUI MOLY is a proven motor oil company made in Germany,” Dewey Thomas, co-founder of Noelle Performance, said. “We know LIQUI MOLY oils have BMW approvals and we also have seen these same products perform at peak levels in our high-performance development vehicles, some with well over 100,000 miles. This technical partnership with LIQUI MOLY will enable Noelle to continue advancing our performance software solutions with the confidence that optimum performance will be supported while maintaining the reliability we and our clients expect.”

“This partnership between LIQUI MOLY and Noelle Performance is a natural fit,” Sebastian Zelger, LIQUI MOLY North America CEO, said. “Both companies speak for performance and both companies’ results speak for themselves. We appreciate testing our products in the most rigorous environments to demonstrate how effective our products can be in all situations automotive, powersports, and marine owners and shops encounter. It is also a significant advantage for LIQUI MOLY to partner with and support a company like Noelle that develops products specifically for maximum performing, daily driven BMWs. The Noelle Performance Dealer Network is constantly growing. We are proud to partner with such a thriving, high-end performance car company and are committed to sharing technology and knowledge we will develop around oils and additives for each of the Noelle dealer locations.”

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